The Independent Thematic Review Team

You can find out more about the review team below. They have been recruited for their vast experience of the NHS and their considerable knowledge in their specialist area. All members of the team have no previous connection to Nottingham University Hospitals.

Cathy Purts headshot

Cathy Purt

Programme Director

Dr Teresa Kellys headshot

Dr Teresa Kelly

Clinical lead

Debbie Grahams headshot

Debbie Graham

Clinical lead

Dr Alison Bedford Russell s headshot

Dr Alison Bedford Russell

Clinical Lead

Katie Mullards headshot

Katie Mullard

Family Liaison Facilitator

Ian Razzells headshot

Ian Razzell

IG and Data Manager

Leigh Griffins headshot

Leigh Griffin

Programme Reporter

Natasha Wrzesinskis headshot

Natasha Wrzesinski

Programme Manager

Aneesa Ackbarallys headshot

Aneesa Ackbarally

Project Support Officer

Elise Barkers headshot

Elise Barker

Communications Lead